Piyush Shakya

Piyush is the mad monk and the lone nut behind the groundwork of Youbble. With a
Business Lead hat on, he is at the hub of all creative goings-on and oversees the
company’s business development and strategic planning activities. Born and raised in
Kathmandu-Nepal, Piyush has a drive and thirst for arts, lights, sounds, and nature.
Through rough brush strokes, he has been adding colors to once a dream platform of

Piyush wants to live in a world of coexistence and sharing; one where
everyone can utilize talents, skills, businesses, and innovative ideas to
collaborate and create beautiful things that everyone can make use of. By profession
and enthusiasm, he brings his Business Analysis, Data Governance, and
Entrepreneurial skill set to the table. In his daily grind of bootlicking his
corporate career, Piyush has led and implemented multiple Business and IT projects
for Healthcare, Property & Casualty, and Technology industries under his belt; and
has prior experience implementing small businesses in both profit and nonprofit
sectors. When not working, you often find him on long drives, travels, social
gatherings, and spending time creating music for his personal collection.

The Nerdy Stuff
  • Univ of South AL – Bachelors of Science, Information System (minor: Business
  • American Public Univ – Master’s in Business Administration, Information
  • Sigma Beta Delta (International Honor Society for Business, Management, and
  • Mu Kappa Tau(National Marketing Honor Society)
  • President’s Award (Council Of International Students)
  • Service Award (Council of International Students)

Notice Title

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